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Massage / Yoga fusion at home

Cabo San Lucas, a resort city on the southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, is known for its beaches, water-based activities and nightlife. The best way to book the treat you need to complement your luxury vacation in Cabo San Lucas is Yoga Massage Therapy. 

Too lazy to do some stretching after surfing or hitting the gym?, too tired to get to a Spa after all the activities you have enjoyed during the day and the fun nights ? Nothing like our  massage / yoga fusion in the comfort of your home, Airbnb or hotel. 

Yes that's it! Imagine a unique exclusive treatment that any top celebrity would die for, with no travel, no waiting room time spent , not moving from your hotel room or vacation home to the spa or massage therapist when you're in pain, not ruining that post-massage relaxation state. Self indulgement at its best!! 

If you are a massage lover and also a yoga lover what could get better than receiving both at the same time while you are comfortably laying on a special mattress on the floor getting deliciously treated with Ayurvedic oils that will nurture and protect your skin with a variety of strokes and yoga assisted stretchings that will relax, release, decontract your muscles realign your spine, renew your cells in an overall renew yourself for another round of surfing, and more fun at Cabo San Lucas. 

House Call Massage Therapy in Cabo San Lucas. Book online an experience beyond compare! 

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California
Massage Yoga Fusion
Massage at home!
Cabo San Lucas, Baja California México Massage Yoga Fusion Massage at home!